Centrepoint Outreach

Centrepoint Outreach was formed in the late 1980s by a small group of Christians who met together at the Centenary Methodist Church in Boston and felt they were being called to help the vulnerable and lonely people in the town.

It soon became apparent that there was a significant problem with homelessness in Boston and the charity became known locally for helping homeless people.

Centrepoint Outreach has no connection with Centrepoint in London (although we share many of their objectives).

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Impact Report Figures

The Stats

In 2019-2020 135 homeless people presented at our Drop In on one or more occasion

79.3% of these were men
20.7% of these were women
50.4% were UK nationals
49.6% were EU nationals

A Registered Charity

On 11th November 1991 Centrepoint Outreach became a registered charity. A charity shop was opened to help provide funds for the charity and the shop remains an important source of income today.

In 1998 the trustees took a huge leap of faith and purchased the charity’s current premises at Belmont House, Red Lion Street, in Boston. These premises house the Drop In facility, the offices, the warehouse and stores and the shop all under one roof.

Support in Boston

Thank you

Over the years, the charity has received huge support from the people of the Boston area; the businesses, schools and individuals, in cash and in kind. It could not operate without its willing band of volunteers.

Today, the need for the charity is greater than ever. Many of the homeless presentations are from migrants from Eastern Europe but large numbers of UK nationals also present as homeless as well.

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