Board of Directors:

Chairman: Mr Peter Lawson
Vice Chairman: Mr Richard Locke-Wheaton
Mrs Alison Austin
Mr Paul Clark
Mrs Jo Criddle
Miss Iwona Lebiedowicz
Mr Michael Sharp
Revd Alan Taylor
Revd Lis Ward

Our Sincere Gratiude

Thank you

We could not manage without the support of a team of around 30 volunteers who help in the Drop In, food and textile stores, in the shop and on the delivery van.

We would not be were we are today, or be able to help as many people without your support and commitment.

Chief Executive Officer: Elizabeth Hopkins
Lead Project Worker: Kelly Reay
Project Workers: Kerry Holmes & Lisa McKnight
Activities and Community Co-ordinator: Michael Hayward-Salvadori
Finance Officer: Carol Lidgett
Clerical Support Assistant: Asteri Edevane
Shop Manager: Claire Morris
Deputy Shop Manager: Donna Ladds
Van Driver: Paul Steadman